Macaroni and Cheese

IMG_9202 Leave it to Betty Crocker for one of the most delicious, rustic and comforting recipes of all time. Not sure if she created the beloved Mac’ and Cheese, but it is deliciously coveted nonetheless. This recipe was brought to my attention by Mama Sue, whose homemade macaroni and cheese are a HUGE hit – especially at parties! So I tip my hat to her and Mrs. Crocker for a great recipe! Continue reading

Tone It Up Protein Bars

4 I am obsessed with protein bars. Ask my friends – they know I put protein powder in almost everything! Smoothies, water, pancakes, you name it. My trainers, Katrina and Karena from Tone It Up posted their homemade protein bar recipe. It is SO simple to make, just make sure you keep stirring the peanut butter to prevent it from burning! Continue reading